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'aryavartha car washer'
Aryavartha Car washer saves water, power, labour and time. This is very affordable, convenient to wash any kind of cars.
Aryavartha Automatic Car
Aryavartha Automatic Car Washer is a Jet car washer and Jet Booster.It consumes less power and less water.The car get washed within ten minutes.It does top wash, bottom wash, foam wash and waxing also.
Aryavartha Heavy Duty high pressure car washer is excellent in size and get the job done quickly. Robust & Reliable , crankshaft brass pump with ceramic coated pistons for long life. 5hp 3 phase and 3hp single phase comes with quick coupling along with the attachments.
Aryavartha Technovations
Aryavartha Technovations provide car washer in single phase and three phase with a pressure bar of 160 to 190.It is Italian made and Udor brand. It consumes less water with high pressure flow rate.
Aryavartha Spray Extracti
Aryavartha Spray Extraction help you to wash quickly every kind of surface, carpets, arm-chairs, curtains, floor (marble, rubber, etc.), wall and car seats .It sprays and sucks and has 30 liter tank capacity for dust collection and 5 liter tank capacity for chemical collection.